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bodyCushion New Approaches to Muscle Therapy DVD Set

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bodyCushion New Approaches to Muscle Therapy DVD Set


In the New Approaches to Muscle Therapy DVD set, Tom Owens, inventor of the bodyCushion, shares how this user friendly, versatile tool can become a highly effective partner in your treatments. By way of exploration, development and use of the positioning methods of the bodyCushion many new and different approaches to muscle therapy occur which may not otherwise be achievable. It is well established that this tool can offer positioning for subjects that are, in themselves, therapeutic. Learn 72 effective techniques for whiplash, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more. Each individual technique presented is instantly accessable from an itemized menu.

Index for Part 1
&nbsp1. Introductory techniques and positional release
&nbsp2. Spinal release and alignment
&nbsp3. Elbow applied to back
&nbsp4. Applying forearm to the back
&nbsp5. Cross stocking the paraspinalis
&nbsp6. Thoracic vertebral mobilizations
&nbsp7. Vertebral and sacral glides
&nbsp8. Lumbosacral unilateral decompression
&nbsp9. Quadratus lumborum release points, lateral posture (Back strain)
10. Anterior in nominate rotations
11. Lumbar vertebral lateral separations
12. Positioning for spinal lateral flexion.
13. Maximal lumbar decompression (Back strain)
14. Lumbar extension with positioning (Post acute herniated disk)
15. Integrating upper body parts
16. Cross stroking the neck (Whiplash)
17. Cross stroking the upper trapezius (Whiplash)
18. Deep cross friction using the elbow
19. Shoulder well (Whiplash)
20. Deltoid and shoulder joint (Whiplash)
21. Deep friction to splenius capitus and levator scapula (Whiplash)
22. Applying elbow to levator scapula
23. Supra scapular nerve points (Whiplash)
24. Elbow to supra scapular nerve points (Whiplash)
24. Elbow to supra scapular nerve points (Whiplash)
25. Access to scalene (Whiplash)
26. PNF for the neck. Reciprocal inhibition followed by stretching for the neck.
27. Self positioning for the neck (Whiplash)
28. Scapular lift (Frozen shoulder)
29. Approach to teres and triceps
30. Stretching teres and latissimus dorsi
31. Latissimus dorsi nerve point
32. Latissimus dorsi stretch, manual manipulation
33. Stretch for pectoralis major
34. Stretch for pectoral girdle, anterior/lateral
35. Stretch for latissimus dorsi & triceps
36. Upper thoracic positional release, establishing release for upper back
37. Positioning for pregnancy

Index for Part 2
&nbsp1. Approach to the hip
&nbsp2. Elbow to hip
&nbsp3. Approach to tensor fascia latae and biceps femoris
&nbsp4. Knuckling the hamstrings
&nbsp5. PNF & reciprocal inhibition for hamstrings, quads, lumbar spine and S-I's
&nbsp6. Stretching the quads
&nbsp7. Approach to the soleus and gostrocnemius
&nbsp8. Anterior compartment of the leg
&nbsp9. Cross stroking the foot
10. Plantar stretch
11. Release for calf cramp
12. Approach to sternocleidomastoid and supine positioning possibilities
13. PNF & reciprocal inhibition for the neck
14. Stretching for the neck, supine
15. Long stroking the thoracic paraspinalis
16. Techniques for thoracic spine with traction
17. Cross arm stretch for thoracic paraspinalis
18. Cross stretch for rhomboids, infraspinatus and anterior deltoid
19. Cross stroking the pectorals
20. Pectoralis nerve point
21. Stretching for pectorals and lats (3 stretches)
22. Stretching and cross stroking the hand
23. Long stroking the forearms
24. Carpal tunnel syndrome techniques
25. Working the quads
26. Rolling and long stroking the quads
27. Hip mobilization
28. Lumbar rotational stretch
29. Lumbar rotational self stretch
30. Seated positional approaches
31. Ultrasound, seated
32. Scapular mobilization in seated position
33. Seated self stretch for the back
34. Cold pack after deep tissue work

Package Contains
2 One-hour DVDs


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